Youth encourage Mbekweni community to get moving!

Youth encourage Mbekweni community to get moving!

Young sport leaders in Mbekweni have embarked on a four day door-to-door campaign to increase community involvement at the Mbekweni Community Sports Centre, as part of an outreach campaign.

Seventeen year old Sisanda Masila from Ihlumelo High School in Mbekweni is one of twenty young leaders who will go out into Mbekweni this weekend to talk to residents about the benefits that the facility can offer the community.

The state of the art sports facility has an artificial pitch, seating capacity for over 300 spectators, changing rooms and conferencing facilities. It opened just over a year ago during the 2010 World Cup and the centre continues the legacy of the event by engaging more community members to get active in sport and develop skills they can use away from the pitch. One of the centre’s most successful programmes is the Mbekweni Community futsal league. The 5-a-side indoor variation of football gives teams the opportunity to practice ball control in and smaller area and learn new rules to the popular sport which hails from Brazil. The league currently has twenty teams and is an opportunity for different community teams to meet and compete against other keen players. The centre also hosts community celebrations and sports festivals which encourage older members of the community to visit the centre and take part in activities.

Sisanda believes that engaging residents at the Mbekweni Community Sports Centre is a crucial step towards lowering the crime rates, “thanks to the sports centre, we have seen more people getting involved in sport and now there is no time to do nothing. Crime rates are lower and people take pride in the community.”

Offering coaching clinics and life skills development workshops for all groups in the community, SCORE hopes this campaign will increase participation and help develop more young leaders like Sisanda. “As young leaders we are recognised for doing the right things. We want to see more young leaders in our community helping youth make the right decisions.”

News article courtesy of SCORE.